Alpha-Bet Aethiopien e.V


The Association was founded on 25.10.2008.

 Alpha-Bet Ethiopia e.V

has its headquarter in Bruchsal Germany.

The association is stablished to:

Promote German-Ethiopian cooperation in the area of development.

This would be realized by:

1. Educating children, adolescents and women in Ethiopia.

2. Promotion of climate change in Ethiopia by renewable energies.

3. Support vulnerable people in Ethiopia, by helping people who are in needs..


 "The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes according to the „Tax-privileged purposes "of the Tax Code (§ § 51ff), as amended." The Association achieved its above-mentioned objectives through lectures, money and material donations, film and slide shows. It is not for profit. Funds of the association may only be used for the statutory purposes. The members do not receive allowances from the funds of the association.


 From 6 April till April 19, 2009 we have been in Ethiopia for solar light project in the Ethiopian Rural Areas. We have got an opportunity to discuss our aim and Objectives with Ethiopian Officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Energy and Mining and Ministry of Justice and reached a fruitful results and support. We have completed our assessment regarding the Solar Project to Ethiopian Rural areas and selected our pilot project in Gurage Zone Area Ijjaa woreda yanbeli Kebele Gebermahiber some 220 km away from The Capital Addis Ababa Now we are ready to supply for 200 houses solar lights. Dear Supporters We appreciates your interest of working with us to help poor Ethiopians in the country side as we had introduced a product solar light for a Rural Areas.

 Lighting Ethiopian homes

Categories: Development, Health and Environmental Protection
Project Name: Lighting Ethiopian homes
Country: Ethiopia

Regions: SNNP / Gurage Zone Hijaa district Yambeli Kebele Gebere Mahiber
About: Poor communities in Ethiopia use kerosene for lighting, which is highly toxic. This project will introduce clean, affordable solar lighting and electricity into rural homes by Alpha-bet Ethiopia eV
We are doing this project in partnership with Philips, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and our supporter Individuals and companies from Bruchsal and surrounding areas a ground breaking charity committed to protecting the environment and reducing poverty.

The problems:
The majority of people living in rural Ethiopia does not have access to electricity and are forced to burn kerosene for lighting. Kerosene is harmful to health, dangerous and increasingly expensive. Kerosene is also a fossil fuel that emits greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change - our calculations show that the average kerosene lamp in Africa spews out a tone of CO2 in less than 10 years.

Currently, the electrical grid reaches a small proportion of the country's population. In rural areas, families rely on firewood for cooking, kerosene for lanterns and disposable batteries to power small electric appliances such as radios. Rural schools often have no access to electricity at all, which makes study difficult. Many children never receive the education that could help them build lives free from poverty.

 The solution:

This project will introduce simple, affordable solar lanterns to the poorest communities. It will provide people with a cheap alternative to kerosene, saving many lives.We will train young people orphaned in Ethiopia in solar skills to build these solar lanterns.The lights will be leased; the low cost will ensure the new technology is readily accepted.

As an added benefit, employment is generated through product assembly and services. The products can be repaired locally, which provides salesmen with the confidence to issue warranties.

 In the future working with the Center for Appropriate Technology in the organization in Addis, we will provide technical trainings (solar panel and LED light assembly) and help source and import solar and LED materials to Ethiopia. We'll provide the Center for Appropriate Technology with business development support, including marketing assistance and the development of its financial management system


Better quality lighting for all at lower costs.
Increased access to clean, renewable forms of lighting.
Thousands of lives saved and better health for all
Employment for poor families, helping them overcome poverty.
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from displaced fossil fuels.

What your gift will buy:
Funds are purely vested to pay a team of assembler; The Center for Appropriate Technology expects to produce 200 products in the first year, expanding continually over the next years